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Formerly Sandalwood Ranch Skincare, Vurusha Skincare brings the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to you with organic and sustainable ingredients formulated to make high vibration, balanced skincare. Our skincare and bodycare strives to help your body find its balance naturally and effectively. There are never any harsh chemicals, additives, alcohols or gluten to irritate the skin, and all the packaging is environmentally friendly. We strive to do the best for both the skin and the Earth at Vurusha.  All our ingredients are the best we can find, and the packaging is sustainable as well with little to no plastic.  There is not now, and never will be, any harsh chemicals or additives.   Only the best for your skin and the Earth!  Help your skin find its balance with our small batch, high vibration,Ayurvedic and organic skin, body and hair care.





Vurusha is a Sanskrit word meaning light of consciousness.  As our consciousness evolves and rises, so should everything we do, including what we put in and on our bodies.  Vurusha Skincare uses only the highest quality and organic ingredients raising the consciousness of our skincare.  Organic ingredients are so important.  They carry a higher vibration because they are lovingly grown without harmful pesticides, making them wonderful for you, Mother Earth, our water system and all the animals and plants we share this planet with.


Our products' consciousness and vibration are raised even further through chanting mantra during the making process.  Mantras transmit the energy of spirit, of the cosmic vibration, into our bodies and that which is around us.  Mantras refine and raise our consciousness, and chanting mantras during the making process refines and raises the vibration of our skincare as well.  Mantras empower the ingredients, directing the healing energy straight to your skin and body as well.  





 My name is Shayna Blackmar, and I am the creator of Vurusha Skincare.  I have been an esthetician for 11 years, and I have seen and treated all types of skin issues during that time.  Not only am I passionate about skin, I am also passionate about overall body health.  I have seen how the body's good and bad health affects our skin, and how good habits and products make a huge difference.  I have experienced it myself having had adult acne in college and my early 20's.  Through my own personal journey, I have discovered that the best skincare takes a two step approach of both internal care and external care. When I discovered Ayurveda, it was like coming home.  Ayurveda is all about finding balance through the connection of the inside and the outside, whether it is the skin or the earth.  Combining skincare and Ayurveda just makes sense, and we will help your skin find its balance for optimal health and radiance. 


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Vurusha Skincare

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Our products moisturize the skin and hair and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any medical condition. All our products are for external use only, except where noted. Please review the ingredient lists for potential allergens prior to purchase. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use and consult a healthcare provider.